Konyv: A forma tervezese

Konyv: A forma tervezese



ISBN: 544531507

MAGYARÁZAT:Konyv: A forma tervezese

This is a monumental logo compilation. The Academy Award-winning "Animated Short Logorama", heavily based on the use of logos and brands, became the ultimate reference for corporate culture. Conceived by Ludovic Houplain from H5 design studio in Paris, the film tells the story of our times through the products and services that sorround us on a daily basis.

The trio who directed it, Francois Alaux, Herve de Crecy, and Ludovic Houplain, conducted an extensive research for over one year, collecting over 40, symbols and trademarks that represent our world today. Their monumental archive is the basis of TASCHEN's ultimate reference guide, featuring approximately 7, logos organized alphabetically, with information about the designers, year of creation, country, brand, and konyv:.

Moreover, the book includes an extensive forma tervezese essay on brand culture by French philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky. Sajnos szingli. Megvan nekem Olvastam. Logobook Ludovic Houplain. Eric Chan. Sövények Katharina Adams. Homonnay Gergely. Rukkola értékelés.

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