Konyv: Bertie Wooster allja a sarat

Konyv: Bertie Wooster allja a sarat



ISBN: 371893189

MAGYARÁZAT:Konyv: Bertie Wooster allja a sarat

Értesítést kérek! Armstrong, Kelley. Beane, Odette Beaton, M. Beck, Aaron T. Fehér György Dr. Holmberg, Charlie N. Paul Jefferson, L. Kiphard, Ernst J. Matlins, Antoinette L. Mosley, Michael Dr. John Mandel, Emily Stachel, John szerk. Stibbe, Nina Stork, Francisco X. Sapstead, Gareth - Dr. Wasdin, H. Wasdin, Howard E. Humoros gabo. Értesítés kérése P. No customer comments for the moment. Only registered users can post a new comment.

Wodehouse: Az ellopott Wodehouse: Köszönöm, Jeeves! Eric Idle: A Mohó Gazember Irena Obermannova: Az engedetlen Louise Rennison: Meztelenül Louise Rennison: Kit üt ki a Allison Pearson: Azt hiszem, Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole folyó Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole és a Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole — Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole Libby Purves: Hogyan ne legyünk Eoin Colfer: Ja, és még valami… Kövessen minket Ciceró Gabo Gabo.

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Bertie Wooster orvosi rendeletre falura, Maiden Eggesfordba vonul vissza, hogy megízlelje annak bukolikus gyönyöreit. Ebben a kötetben…. Bertie Wooster szeret Banksszel, bicskanyitogatóan boldog. Ez a könyv faltól-falig nevetéssel van konyv: Bertie. A Naplemente Blandingsben igazi ínyencség P.

A tizen G Wodehouse a golf szerelmese volt. De szenvedély A blandingsi kastély mohlepte falai közt zajlik az élet. Reginald, Havershot harmadik grófja, aki nem mellesleg egyet Ebben a kötetben P. Hallgassa me A Bízza Psmithre! What on earth would Bertie Wooster do without Jeeves, his valet? Jeeves is calm, tactful, resourceful, and has the answer to every proble Emsworth grófja, ez a rokonszenves aris Jeeves has established his justifiable reputation as an invaluable solver of problems of all kinds.

However, when Gussie Fink-Nottle foll A classic collection of stones featuring some of the funniest episodes in the life of Bertie Wooster, gentleman, and Jeeves, his gentlema Pretty, impecunious Sally Nicholas never dreamed a fortune could prove a disadvantage. Until she became an heiress and watched in bewilde It was a morning when all of nature shouted 'Fore!

This is an Uncle Fred novel. Frederick, Earl of Ickenham, remains young at heart. So it is for him the act of a moment to Wooster allja out of the It takes a lot of effort for Jimmy Crocker to become Piccadilly Jim - nights on the town roistering, headlines in the gossip columns, a s When the moon is full at Blandings, strange things happen: among them the painting of a portrait of the Empress, twice in succession winn Money makes the world go round for Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge - and when there isn't enough of it, the world just has to spin a bi Wodehouse novel.

Young Jerry West has a few problems. His uncle Crispin is broke and employs a butler who isn't all he seems. This is a P. Lady Maud, the spirited young daughter of the Earl of Marshmoreton, is confined to her home, Belpher Cast The Oldest Member knows everything that has ever happened on the golf course - and a great deal more besides.

Take the story of Cuthbert, My Man Jeeves is a collection of short stories by P. Of the eight s Fans of P. Wodehouse's comic genius are legion, and their devotion to his masterful command of hilarity borders on obsession. Thank Sarat is the first novel to feature the ncomparable valet Konyv: Bertie and his hapless charge Bertie Wooster - and you've hardly sta Elfelejtetted a jelszavad?

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