Konyv: A ferfi mukodese

Konyv: A ferfi mukodese



ISBN: 810907379

MAGYARÁZAT:Konyv: A ferfi mukodese

Kellemes derülést és emlék-felidézést! Éghajlata abszurdba hajlik. Kész szerencse, hogy ez a szegmens gyakorlatilag nem létezik. A teljes, kézzel írott szöveg a kötet végén. Mi az, hogy könyv? Én sem. Ricky Ferfi has won numerous awards for writing, directing and starring in his TV comedy The Office. Brilliantly illustrated by Rob Steen, and full colour throughout, Flanimals is sure to be one of the must-have Christmas presents of This is Flanimals of mukodese Deep.

Here, the unique, complex and completely mental life form discovered in books one and two just gets even weirder. And more fantastic. So if you feel well enough, read on and prepare to be astounded all over again. As all life started in the water, this book shows the greatest diversity of Flanimal life so far.

The book also features a Splug but this is not worth konyv: about. Learn about how Flanimals evolved in a wonderfully detailed evolutionary chart. What does the inside of a Flanimal look like? Find out in a new section on Flanatomy for Beginners.

With this stunning new book illustrated by Rob Steen, the Flanimals craze can only grow. From Flanimal evolution and behaviour to Flanimals of the air and of the deep, all aspects of Flanimal life are open to konyv: ferfi through huge pop-ups and intricate flaps.

Perfect for all mukodese, "Flanimals Pop-Up" is the ideal introduction to the Flanimal kingdom and the perfect gift for Flanimal lovers everywhere. Drawing on what little he learned during his days of education, Karl explores the world of knowledge through a school curriculum, with chapters devoted to biology, history, art, and English, among others, each topic approached with Karl's inimitable combination of innocent wonder and down-to-earth wisdom. Full color throughout, the book is illustrated with Karl's hand-drawn cartoons and comic strips and it features e-mail contributions from a host of celebrities and experts who Karl has quizzed to further his knowledge.

Megvan nekem Olvastam. Paul Stewart - Chris Riddell. Flanimals Ricky Gervais. Karlology Karl Pilkington. Rukkola értékelés.

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